The GSM car alarm system Prizrak 8L/Smart- is a cutting-edge system for a price of a regular car alarm. The vehicle compatibility list is not limited. The integrated immobilizer keyless bypass for the remote engine start feature and ability to pre-heat the vehicle’s engine complement the basic anti-theft functionality of the alarm. Managing the alarm system via the mobile app Prizrak (available for IOS and Android) allows staying informed of what is happening to the vehicle. The multifunctional web service Prizrak Monitoring is always available to an alarm user for controlling the system from any device which has access to the internet and an installed web-browser. Prizrak 8L/Smart is a wise choice for ones who don’t want to overpay for some supplementary features such as PINтоDrive® and AntiHiJack.

Anti-theft systems, vehicles
  • motor vehicle horns
  • Alarms and intrusion
  • GSM car alarm system

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