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Pneumatic High Pressure Fan
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It is the system that allows the crushed goods to be transported by suction. It has the highest efficiency, minimum energy consumption and it is versatile and silent. The fan, mounted on the chassis with a steel cage, works on rubber feet (wedges) in order to prevent vibration and vibration. Since its static and dynamic balance is taken, the noise level is minimized, the inlet and outlet pipes are supported with rubber flanges to prevent vibration transfer. Applications Fields ◾ Food Industry ◾ Flour and Semolina mills ◾ Feed mills ◾ Grain cleaning plants ◾ Corn processing plants ◾ Oil factories ◾ Wheat, barley, rye oats operating facilities

  • Flour milling - machinery and equipment
  • Wheat, barley, rye oats operating facilities
  • Corn processing plants
  • Pneumatic High Pressure Fan

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19010 Çorum - Turkey