Vermeko expanded vermiculite Superfine fraction
1 - 3 mm  - VERMEKO.EU


Expanded vermiculite Superfine fraction from the highest quality crude vermiculite. We guarantee: 1) The highest quality (we use the best grade materials); 2) Suitable size and grains of vermiculite (sieve analysis); 3) Repetitive products (each delivery contain vermiculite in accordance with the approved sample); 4) Suitable quantity in bags (certified packing machine, bulk density tests); 5) Lowest LOI value – Loss of ignition; 6) No damaged particulate and dust (modern production system based on conveyor belts); 7) Proper burning to maintain structure and properties of vermiculite; 8) Expanded vermiculite production on modern and certified equipment; 9) Non asbestos certificate; 10) Technical sheets:TDS, CoA, MSDS 11) Short lead times and on-time deliveries; 12) method of packaging and protecting products in transports; 13) Several delivery options adapt to the type of order; 14) Adequate knowledge about our products;

Bulk materials for construction
  • vermiculite
  • Leucites, vermiculites
  • fireproof fabric
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