The RFV reciprocator 2000 is intended to serve automatic installations for liquid. It is capable of the following applicator configurations: 2 or 4 paint sprayers PPH 308 1 or 2 paint sprayers PPH 707 EXT-ST / ICWB 4, 6 or 8 spray paint TRP 501 The RVF 2000 reciprocator is controlled by a control module REV 800 or MCR or a PLC for a more complex automatic facility. The gauge axis, hand operated or powered, is available as an option. Performance Stroke and speed adjustable remotely over a very wide range. ​No special prepared area required (the robot can be positioned or moved manually without effort). Productivity Extremely simple construction and operation (very long service life). Sustainability Optimum safety: CE approved. Reduced maintenance: limited to cleaning the chains and transmission devices.

Product features

Electrical Power 220 V - W
Weight 230000 g (oz)

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