Vertical Pneumatic Clamps With Vertical Cylinder Bracket

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Pneumatic clamps have the following advantages compared to hand clamps The operator is relieved of frequent clamping. Several clamps can be activated at the same time and can be closed in a specific sequence. Single or multiple clamps can be activated from varying positions by machine control or hand control. Because of the toggle system – the clamp remains closed if the air supply fails. – the air consumption is low due to the large end ratio. – pivoting the clamping arm achieves a large opening travel. – optimum force and movement ratios are achieved. VL = air consumption per complete cycle in dm³ at 6 bar. Selection criteria To select the correct size of pneumatic clamps, the possible clamping force at 6 bar (any compressed media are permissible, maximum pressure 10 bar) is specified besides the retaining force. F3 is the possible clamping force that the clamp exerts on the end of the clamping arm, F4 the force it exerts on the fulcrum side.

Cylinders, pneumatic
  • Vertical Pneumatic
  • Pneumatic Clamp
  • Pneumatic Bracket

Product features

Material Levers steel plate. Hinge pins stainless steel
Version Lever parts electro zinc-plated. Pneumatic cylinder, double-acting
Note The forces F1 and F2 specified in the table are holding forces. F3 and F4 are clamping forces.

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