Vertical Pumps With Magnetic Couplings



The main parts of magnetic couplings used in GNVC series vertical pumps are the driving (external) and the driven (internal) half couplings, and a sealing sleeve between the half couplings. The exceptional reliability of Villina magnetic couplings is the result of a high-tech design: the enclosed capsular design of the half couplings (enclosed body) secures the magnetic systems from environmental effects; the use of special adhesives allows for fast fixture of domestically produced permanent magnets based on rare-earth elements on the half coupling ferrules; double protection against overheating and demagnetization is implemented using the temperature sensor of the sealing sleeve, which is triggered when the maximum acceptable operating temperature is exceeded by 20 to 50°C, with the use of magnets with Curie point of more than 100°C higher than the maximum acceptable operating fluid temperature; the sealing sleeve made of high-strength Hastelloy alloys

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Product features

Purpose transit of corrosive, toxic, explosive and flammable fluids
Pump rate ranges 1 to 200 m3/h
Head ranges 5 to 250 m
Seal type magnetic coupling according to API 685 with a sealing sleeve made of Hastelloy alloy
Climatic version for moderate and for moderate and cold climate
Temperature of the pumped fluid up to plus 350°С
Shaft speed 2,900 rpm
Structural design vertical type with the motor mounted on a flanged connection

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