The UĞUR MAKİNA rock-on-rock crusher uses a field proven rock lined rotor that acts as a high velocity dry stone pump hurling a continuous rock stream into a stone lined crushing chamber. Material fed into the top of the machine is accelerated in the UĞURMAK patented rock lined rotor, achieving exit velocities of up to 80 metres per second. The rotor continuously discharges into the crushing chamber. This process replenishes the rock lining, hile at the same time maintaining a rock-on-rock chain reaction of crushing and grinding. A second stream of material in a controlled quantity can be cascaded into the crushing chamber turbulence causing a supercharging of the particle population withing the chamber, improving the energy transfer. This, in combination with the other variables of rotor diameter and speed and crushing chamber profile, enhances power efficiency, reduces wear, plus provides an efficient means of controlling the grinding and crushing action, to either maximize or minimize fines. Attrition energies generated within the crushing chamber are many times greater than the energy levels typical of conventional impact crushers and grinding mills. This provides significant power savings when producing fine products. Type UDK 85 Rotor Diameter (mm) 850 Engine (kW) 2 X 160 Feed Material (mm) 0 – 40 Capacity ( t/h ) 160 Weight (kg) 11420 Dimension A (mm) 4925 Dimension B (mm) 5000 Dimension C (mm) 3000 Dimension D (mm) 1080 Dimension E (mm) 515 Dimension F (mm) 2943

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