Vertical packaging machine М3G Vario



The vertical packing machine is intended for formation of a package from thermally welded tape and packing in it small pieced, loose and powder-like products. The packing machine of model М3G Vario has a changeable inclination of a path of passage of a product (45 °-90 °). It allows to pack by one machine various products on fragility (from meat dumplings to cookies). Inclination change is made by a pneumodrive for some seconds It is used with Line dosing and Multihead weighers.

Food industry packaging machinery
  • Packaging machine
  • Vario Machine
  • Food packaging

Product features

Max speed, pack/min, up to 60
Max bag width, mm 280
Max bag lenght, mm 430
Power supply 3 phases, 380V, 50Hz
Working pressure, Mpa 0,6
Air consumption, no more, Nl/min 500
Installed power, kW 2,6
Dimensions (LxWxH), no more, mm 1200x2100х1800
Weight, kg (max) 550

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