We are a trusted manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Veterinary Feed Supplement Powder from India. Strength: Vitamin A- 625000 i.u Vitamin D3- 62500 i.u Vitamin E- 250mg Nicotinamite-1 gm Copper-312mg Cobalt-45mg Magneisuim- 6gm Iron- 1.5 gm Zinc- 2.130 gm Iodine- 156 gm Selenium- 10mg Manganese- 1.2 gm Calcium- 247.34 gm Phasphorous-114.68 gm Sulphur- 12.20 gm Sodium- 5.8 gm Potassium- 48.05 gm Indications and Usage: 1) Improves both quality & quantity of milk 2) Prevents irregularly in lactation even causes failure of lactation 3) General debility conditions 4) Gives more & bigger eggs in poultry 5) During pregnancy require more minerals. Helps after pregnancy to recover animal from debility weakness 6) Calcium with Phosphorus : Essential for Calcification of bone, proper growth of muscles 7) Amino Acids : Promotes growth of animals 8) Mineral : Important role in functioning of body & all vital process of body

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