Vibrating sanding unit ZUCCO

CNC unit for machining of wood, composites and aluminium


Sanding of surfaces with internal corners ≥90 °: ZUCCO vibrating sanding unit With the SIMOLO eccentric sanding unit, BENZ already has a range with high sanding performance and surface quality, especially for machining small to medium-sized surfaces. With the new ZUCCO vibratory sanding unit sanding surfaces with internal corners ≥ 90 ° is possible. The eccentric movement of the unit ensures uniform workpiece surfaces. As abrasives, commercially available products can be used. Abrasive blanks can be attached to the sanding plate via a hook and loop fastener. These options provide the user with the greatest possible flexibility.

Woodworking - machinery and equipment
  • CNC units
  • sanding
  • Vibrating sanding unit

Product features

Lubrication Grease
Max. drive speed 2,300 rpm
Transmission ratio 1:1
Weight about 3 kg

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