AViTEQ-Vibrating screens are robust, durable, bulk material adapted heavy workers, which are used as discharge units with integrated screening function below a silo, hopper or bunker or as functional organs to feed belts or crushers. Depending on the task, the devices are designed with a robust inlet area with liners (wearing plates) followed by two or three bar grate levels. Each rod is made in a tapered shape which results in a widening gap and bulk jams are avoided. The areas to use such strainers are the primary industry, stones, earth, coal industry with grain sizes up to 1,000 mm in length, but also the chemical and food industry. Everywhere, where a roughly screening and separation of fine and gross material is needed. Advantages & benefits Wide range of applications: product to feed screening of gross grain separation of gross grain before classifying separation of fine grain from crushers protection screening in front of conveyor belts Construction The main components ar

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