Actran VibroAcoustics A complete, robust, reliable, productive and high performing vibro-acoustic CAE module Actran VibroAcoustics is the most complete vibro-acoustic simulation software currently available on the market. Built on top of Actran Acoustics and relying on Free Field Technologies’ powerful finite and infinite element library, Actran VibroAcoustics provides a rich library of elements, materials, boundary conditions, solution schemes and solvers and is used by the most demanding engineers, researchers and teachers to solve challenging vibro-acoustics design problems. To build the structural model in Actran you can rely on its rich material library. Indeed, Actran features not only conventional materials for acoustic or visco-elastic media but also more specific models for porous or incompressible media, composite materials or active components (including piezo-electric ceramics). All material types can be combined in a single model to achieve the most realistic results. A modal basis may also be imported from most structural FEA codes and be used as a representation of the structural model. Your vibro-acoustic model may be submitted to the most realistic working conditions by combining acoustic, dynamic and kinematic boundary conditions, as well as more physical excitations like diffuse sound field and turbulent boundary layer. Actran AeroAcoustics and VibroAcoustics can be combined: modeling complex aero-vibro-acoustics problems has now become reality! The available solution schemes include coupled or uncoupled models in physical and modal coordinates, in frequency or time domain. The very efficient linear equation solvers and the parallel processing capabilities make Actran the solution of choice for solving industrial-size problems in design optimization processes. Target Applications: Automotive: noise related problems from powertrains, intakes, exhausts, passenger compartment, trim, seats, hoses, tires, windows and windshields, audio, HVAC. Aerospace: sound transmission through cockpit and fuselage, noise propagation in air distribution system, response to TBL excitation, random dynamic response of rocket payload at take-off. Consumer goods: telephones, headsets, loudspeakers, hearing aid devices, disk drives, washing machines, refrigerators, cameras. Defense: underwater acoustics, sonars.


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