Are you ready to experience reality as the ascetics and magicians of ancient India experienced it 2500 years ago? Fuji experiences startup operates not in Silicon valley, but in Russian reality, where requirements for a new business are much stricter. However, this book is not just about the problems of Russian startups. It’s about a long and painfully difficult return of Russian oligarchs home. And also-a heart-warming story of genuine female success. For the first time in the world literature, the esoteric secrets of Mesoamerican feminism are revealed with a detailed description of its energy practices. We are also talking about some interesting aspects of classical Buddhist meditation. The book's heroes are our contemporaries: socially responsible businessmen, alchemical transgender people, lonely tired people from whom capitalism sucks the last blood, start-up adventurers from Skolkovo, Buddhist monks-meditators, black lesbians. In someone reader may recognize oneself...

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  • Russian literature

Product features

ISBN 978-5-04-098435-0
Pages 416
Weight 312 g.
Dimensions 191x122x24 mm
Binding Hard cover (125x200)

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