Diffusion device for dry nebulization of disinfectants. Converts the liquid disinfectant into a dry mist without leaving any residue. Nebulization through the Venturi effect Broad-spectrum of activity Uniform distribution of the particles in the room Slow and even precipitation ensures comprehensive, reliable disinfection Can also be used when there are electronic devices in the room Suitable for all surfaces Even hard-to-reach objects such as B. cables are reliably disinfected Room volume adjustable from 10 to 1000m³ Automatic shutdown after the disinfection process is complete No pre or post-treatment of the room necessary

Air disinfection - equipment and systems
  • Air disinfection - equipment and systems
  • Disinfection device
  • disinfectants for medical use

Product features

Gross weight 6Kg
Electric turbine 1,000 Watts

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