Vitamin B Complex 90 Capsules

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B-vitamins together are a strong team. They are the managers of the metabolism. They are responsible for the energy you have every minute, how you feel, how your brain works, and finally how much time your body cells need to regenerate and repair themselves. The B-vitamins are building blocks for body and spirit. Supports/Is good for Concentration Irritability and depressive mood Muscular, joint and head aches Stomach and bowel complaints Skin and nail problems Premature greying and balding Area of use Heart circulation, nervous system, energy, metabolism, cell regeneration. Recommended dose Take 1 capsules 5 times daily with fluid. Content: 90 capsules The B-vitamins are extremely important for preventing heart circulatory diseases and cancers. It is known that B-vitamins lower the homocystein levels. Many studies place a clear link between homocystein and heart circulation disorders.

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