Vitamin B5 Panthenol D-Calcium Pantothenate Pantothenic acid, or vitamin B5 is sometimes called the antistress vitamin and there are indications that it may be helpful in treating depression and anxiety. Some physicians, in fact, will recommend that patients suffering from chronic stress take supplemental doses of pantothenic acid. What else does Vitamin B5 do? Pantothenic acid is needed to make hormones and healthy red blood cells, convert carbohydrates and fat into energy, aid in the formation of antibodies, and is reputed to be a stamina Function: 1. In medicine industry: the panthenol partispate in the metabolism. 2. In food industry: it promotes human body protein, fat, carbohydrate metabolism and nutrition supplement and improves immunity. 3. In cosmetics industry: Stimulate the growth of epithelial cells, promote wound healing and diminish inflammation function. 4. Care hair 5. Care nails

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