Vitamin D3 drops 100% natural. One drop of vitamin D3 contains 2,500 I.U. Cholecalciferol. The drops facilitate absorption through the oral mucosa. Vitamin D3 can only be produced under the influence of sunlight in the body. For our body to be able to develop vitamin D3 from the precursor of vitamin D, several steps are necessary. Sufficient sunlight is a key factor in this. But how long and intense should we be exposed to sunlight, enough to preserve the precursor of vitamin D3. Are there 10 minutes of sunshine per day enough? The northerly we are and the more clouds there are between us and the sun, the lower the sunlight that reaches our skin. And that is not enough. "The phenomenon that critically ill patients have a low vitamin D status can be observed worldwide," says Ass. Prof. PDin Karin Amrein of the Medical University of Graz summarizing there study. Therefore, the Graz study results have enormous potential in terms of the treatment of seriously ill adults and...


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