We are a trusted manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Vitamin D3 50000 I.U Tablets from India. Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) is a natural form of vitamin D that is synthesized in the skin in response to exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun. This fat-soluble vitamin has properties of both a vitamin and hormone, and is required in calcium absorption and utilization. Cholecalciferol is important for the absorption of calcium and phosphorous from the stomach and proper functioning of the minerals. Calcium and phosphorous help maintain strong bones and teeth. Vitamin D deficiency can cause low levels of calcium and phosphorous in the body, which can lead to weak bones and dental problems. Cholecalciferol Deficiency Diseases: Prolonged cholecalciferol deficiency can lead to rickets and osteomalacia. Pack Size: Each pack of the product contains 30/60 Liquid filled or soft gelatin tablets.

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  • Vitamin D3 50000 I.U Tablets supplier
  • Vitamin D3 Tablets manufacturer and exporter
  • Vitamin D3 50000 I.U Tablets manufacturer and exporter

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