Examples of materials for dosing: 1- and 2-component epoxy, UV / light-curing / thermosetting adhesives, highly filled materials, anaerobic adhesives, shear-sensitive adhesives, heat-conducting paste, sealants, flavourings, silver conductive paste, flux, perfume, isopropanol, industrial oils, silicone, alcohol, grease, paint and ink, MEK, braze paste, PU, acetone, petrol and many others. The preeflow® eco-DUO is a rotating, absolutely pressure-tight displacement system consisting of a self-sealing rotor and stator. The controlled rotary movement of the rotor generates the flow by displacing the medium in the stator. Pumping without changing the medium is guaranteed. As the material can also be conveyed backwards, preeflow® guarantees a clean, controlled material or medium tear-off without dripping. Application: - point dosing, with highest volumetric accuracy - bead application with application speed adjustable to the web speed - Potting technology

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