The VTX2 vortex meter is used for flow and volumetric measurements of conductive and non-conductive fluids, gases and vapours in all industrial branches. Applications include volumetric measurements for balancing (compressed air systems, heat carriers, vapours, chemical products, for example), process control and high throughput applications. Technical specifications • DN 15 - 300 (higher on request) • PN 10 - 40 • Flow rate 0,4 - 20000 m³/h • Measurement accuracy Gas and Steam: ± 0,9 % • Measurement accuracy liquids: ± 0,6 % • operating temperature according to design -40°C to +260°C, optional to 450°C Accessories • Strainer • gas separator • processing peripherals Advantages • high reliability • overloadable • interchangeable pressure sensor (optional) • measurements in harsh environments (vibration) is possible • good results even at low pressures and low volume flows


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