W30 special high-pressure washing & drying machine - for the efficient cleaning of medical & technical elastomers

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This small-sized machine can be integrated into the production line easily. This safes temporary storage or extra transports and finally corresponding time loss and costs. The comfortable touchscreen panel allows a fast and easy operation of all parameters as well as administration of your washing recipes. Depending on water quality or rather cleanliness requirements, a treatment with de-ionized, de-mineralized or ultrapure water is possible by add-on module on option. By special request, siliconisation or coating with other glide agents is also possible. The W30 uses exchangeable bastekts for the (un)loading. These baskets are also compatible to our cryogenic deflashing machine E30W, and furthermore, optimally suited for a linear in-line processing → production → deflashing → washing → postcure tempering, The W30 is best pepared for industrie 4.0 demands. (on option with OPC UA server) With this small-sized machine, your treatment capacity is at best cost-performance ratio!