WB 620 Window sealing tape variable - moisture variable according to GEG/MPA Dresden/ift Rosenheim.

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WB 620 window sealing tape only one tape for internal and external sealing. According to the valid EnEV, all component joints in the heat-transferring perimeter surface of a building must be permanently sealed on the room side so that they are impermeable to air. DIN 4108-2 requires that the joint permeability of building components, expressed by the a-value, must not exceed the value of a <0.1 m³ [m h (daPa)²/³]. Can be painted/plastered over, dimensionally stable and fold-resistant, with self-adhesive on one side. In the case of wooden post and beam constructions/lightweight walls, the WB window sealing tape Alu-flexibel INNEN is connected directly to the inner vapour barrier/vapour barrier, or with the WB sealing tape 33810-70, 30345-70 or 32368-70 on the available construction. - moisture-variable - Water impermeable - Vapour diffusion-tight - UV-stable - Alkali-resistant, ageing-resistant