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WB adhesives and sealants based MS Polymer - Super glue, PUR, acrylate, neoprene,tetrahydrofuran, SBR,epoxy resin


WB adhesives and sealants, fast-curing and permanently elastic 1-component sealing compound, which vulcanises through reaction with atmospheric moisture to form a permanently elastic, highly ageing-resistant sealant, tension-equalising structural connections. By using high-quality, solvent-free raw materials and different chemical compositions with appropriate modification, these adhesives and sealants can be used almost universally in the building sector for the intended purpose. Depending on the application, special cleaners can be used to cleaning agents can be used to improve the adhesive base. Materials based on PUR, MS polymer, acrylate, neoprene, tetrahydrofuran, SBR, instant adhesive, epoxy resin, injection resins based on epoxy resin foam, gypsum board filler and polyacrylic for fire protection applications are used. The surfaces should be clean and dry, loose parts and dust should be removed as far as possible. The storage temperature should not be below 10°C.