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    Testing big engines and transmissions without water cooling
    Testing big engines and transmissions without water cooling http://www.weinlich.de/gb/mpgb/ev01gb.htm
    					New: EV Braking Dynamometer 
    Particularly for testing passenger car engines, truck engines and transmission units with combustion engines. 
    When the electric mains is too weak for frequency converters, cooling water is not available or water-cooling is not desired or when air-cooled eddy-current brakes are not sufficient, Weinlich recommends the new design EV. This design applies technology of today to a traditional method of engine testing: i.e. driving an electric generator loaded by an external resistor. 
    ‑ the braking torque can be adjusted as comfortably as on all electric machines, e.g. eddy current brakes, 
    ‑ neither hot or humid air nor frost obstacle the dynamometer’s function, 
    - no maintenance is required except for greasing the generator’s main bearings and cleaning or exchanging the filter tissues of the generator’s forced air cooling, 
    ‑ nothing is endangered by corrosion, scaling, or incrustation, because there is no water in the system. 
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