260.00$ TTC


Operating from a single-phase 220 V network, the industrial welding inverter ТОРУС-250 Extra has an increased arc welding current up to 250 Amperes and, therefore, an increased percentage of operating time (TP). This allows performing continuous welding works: the device provides TP = 100% at an arc welding current of up to 225 Amperes (electrodes with a diameter of 5 – 6 mm). The power consumption when welding with “household” electrodes with a diameter of 3 mm is such that the device can be connected to a regular household outlet. Thus, the ТОРУС-250 Extra device is universal for industrial facilities and for cottage areas.

Autogenous welding machines
  • Welding work - steels and metal
  • welding equipment
  • metal welding

Product features

Max power, kW 8,2
Max current - Min current, А 40 - 250
Voltage, V 220
Open circuit voltage, V 65
Duration of on at maximum current, % 60
Weight, kg 5,7
Brand Name Торус
Country of origin Russia

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