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The inverter machine VIKING 500A PRO is used for manual arc welding of metal blanks. The inverter has a functional control panel with a digital display that displays the main operating parameters. The device is equipped with overload protection and voltage surge protection. The technologies applied during the manufacture of VIKING 500A PRO devices allow performing any tasks in welding, surfacing and cutting metal structures for performing work with any kind of electrodes with a diameter of up to 6 mm and a maximum arc welding current of up to 500А (100% at 420 A). The welding inverter machine can be used at low temperatures and reduced supply voltage. Adjustable functions of hot start and arc reheat imply the ability to adjust the operation of the device with minimal spattering and allow you to perform work in any spatial position of the electrode and welded surfaces.

Welding, soldering and brazing - equipment and supplies
  • Autogenous welding machines
  • Welding work - steels and metal
  • welding equipment

Product features

Max power, kW 17
Voltage, V 380
Max current - Min current, А 40 - 500
Open circuit voltage, V 80
Electrode diameter, mm 1,6 - 6
Weight, kg 27
Duration of on at maximum current, % 60
Brand name VIKING
Country of Origin Russia

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