The BIOCATDUOscrubber from WesselUmwelttechnik consists of two units. One unit is the already mentioned BIOCATscrubber. A second unit, the DLP (Dust Low Pressure) scrubber stage, is a cleaning stage for separating dust and fine fibres from the exhaust air. With the BIOCATDUOscrubbers from Wessel, gaseous pollutants as well as dust can be removed from the exhaust air at the same time. The BIOCATDUOscrubbers have two separate washing water circuits for this purpose. It is characterised by a compact design, as both units are housed in one column. COMMON USE CASES The BIOCATDUOscrubbers are used in the woodbased panels industry, for example. More precisely where MDF boards (medium density fibre) and moulded fibre parts are produced. Here the exhaust air contains fine wood fibres which have to be filtered out of the exhaust air. Furthermore, pollutants and odours must also be reduced.

Air purification - equipment and systems
  • scrubber stage
  • gaseous pollutants
  • exhaust air

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