A bio scrubber combines physical scrubbers with a biological activation unit. In this process, air polluted with a wide variety of pollutants is cleaned with the aid of a washing liquid which is loaded with microorganisms and biocatalysts (various enzymes) taken from nature. The washing water absorbs the exhaust air and pollutants from the air. Subsequently, added microorganisms oxidise them. These microorganisms use the air pollutants as substrate and nutrient medium and convert them into naturally formed decomposition products such as CO2, water, and biomass. Here, the washing water is continuously regenerated and used in a closedcircuit water treatment system. TYPICAL APPLICATION AREAS These plants are primarily used for watersoluble ingredients of the exhaust air. The usual pollutants that are filtered from the exhaust air with the help of bio scrubbers include aldehydes such as formaldehyde, alcohols, ketones and other hydrocarbon compounds.

Air purification - equipment and systems
  • water treatment
  • biological activation
  • bio scrubbers

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