Operating principle With this type of scrubber, coarser solid particles and fibres are filtered out of the exhaust air. The DLP (Dust Low Pressure) scrubber from WesselUmwelttechnik has a number of advantages. In addition to a long operating period, this wet dust collector system scores with a constant separation performance. Wessel uses only highquality materials to manufacture scrubbers. This results in a high chemical resistance. Thanks to automatic monitoring of the process parameters during operation, the highest possible operational reliability is guaranteed. The system reacts automatically to changes in the inlet conditions. All in all, the DLP wet scrubber is easily operable due to the practiceoptimised control system. The power consumption is comparatively low due to low pressure losses. Typical areas of application The DLP scrubber is used, among other things, in connection with the Wessel BIOCAT scrubber, which is used for biological exhaust air cleaning.

Air purification - equipment and systems
  • biological exhaust
  • automatic cleaning
  • industrial dusts

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