WM-E LCB - Scalable, smart street lighting remote switcher with NB, LTE 4G, 3G, 2G, LTE450



Scalable, smart street lighting switcher with remote control and wireless communication standard access (as NB-IoT (Narrow-Band) Cat.M1 & LTE-M, LTE 4G, 3G, 2G, CDMA450, LTE450) Cost-effective smart modem with lighting monitoring, remote and central switching control of street lighting units (street lamps). Using a switch box and smart metering router – as one device. The device is capable of receiving the P1 customer interface data of the WM-E3S electricity metering modems. Also counts switches and the amount of lighting hours, using daylight saving time – according to the current time zone. The device is connecting via Narrow-Band mobile network – via OSLP protocol – to the server through secure authentication and it serves relay switch requests. The lighting switch can be initiated remotely from the head-end centre, on-demand or in scheduled intervals (according the current daylight saving).