WRW/SRW – Double column

Tripod Agitators


WRW/SRW – Double column Double column wall mounted stand mixer/floor stand mixer Rigid stand for wall-mounting or floor stand for mixers from 100 kg. The stand consists of 2 u-shaped columns with a ball-borne support slide with a cantilever beam for the mixer. The double-column stand allows the processing of tank volumes up to 4 m3, depending on the tank dimensions. Mixer powers up to 75.0 kW and support loads up to 1,000 kg can be realized. Under these conditions, the stand can be equipped with all fast running or gear-reduced mixers and their matching agitator elements. The lift is done electrically by a lift drive and chain drive. The electric supply is guided through a laterally mounted energy chain. Customized solutions for instance a stand mixer with H foot or stand equipped with coaxial agitator type KRK are feasible.

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