WIND TENSIONERS Our tensioners have quality designed in with standard features that enhance durability and efficiency to get the job done faster and safer: Quality Means Lower Life-Cycle Costs: Achieves 90% proof load requirement for ISO 898 Grade 10.9 bolts Fully enclosed load cell eliminates debris in piston retraction mechanism Auto-Engaging Geared Nut Rotator Self-energizing, long life seals Enhanced Usability: Piston stroke limit indication High pressure swivel coupling (swivel is optional on WSS & WSL) 19,580 psi (1,350 bar maximum operating pressure) Automatic piston retraction mechanism Designed with Safety in Mind: Overstroke prevention for safe operation Anti-slip grip surface Tool lifting-strap as standard WSS & WSL FOUNDATION WIND TENSIONERS Suitable for ISO Metric threaded and all-thread bars Geared or Manual Nut Rotator Long & short stroke models Maximum operating pressure 19,580 psi (1350 bar) Uses standard system 'nut' for reaction Contact factor for op

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