Wall Flat - Sun Tunnel - Chatron - Solar Light Tube

Wall Flat - Sun Tunnel - Chatron - Solar Light Tube - Light Tunnel - Solartube


The Wall Flat models allow a perfect installation of the Chatron Solar lIGHT Tube on facades of buildings, with the dome and diffuser inlaid without any kind of protrusions. These models also have the possibility of integration of LEDin system, allowing efficient lighting 24/h day. During daytime periods and with sun the lighting of the space is all coming from the sun. With the cloudy days or approaching the night, the “Light Controller” console introduces power to the LEDs, in order to keep constant the desired and selected Lux level for that location.

Dormer windows - prefabricated
  • Sun Tunnel
  • Sun Pipe
  • Solatube

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