Can be hung up or placed on a surface: The Alu-Wireball LED solar light with warm white LED lighting The decorative Alu-Wireball LED solar light is made from a 25 cm large aluminium wire ball and a 50-bulb LED string light, which sits within and effectively stages the wire sphere when the light is switched on. The built-in LEDs emit warm white lighting at 3,000 kelvins to produce a comfortable lighting atmosphere. You can choose between continuous and flashing light. The integrated twilight sensor automatically switches the solar light on as soon as it gets dark. During the day, the integrated battery stores solar energy acquired by the solar module, which can be positioned separately from the sphere. The battery can store enough energy to illuminate the light for up to 10 hours at night.

Product features

Material aluminium
Luminous colour warm white (3,000 K)
Light bulb 50 LEDs
Diameter 25 cm
Other measurements solar module length - 14.5 cm, height - 12.5 cm, width - 2.5 cm
IP code IP44
Protection class III
Delivery contents incl. battery: Mignon NiMh 1.2 V/2000 mAh
Light bulb included Yes

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