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Wash Table For Manual Cleaning


After production of repair, the workpieces are lowered in a parts carrier into the immersion tank. A pump feeds cold cleaning agent containing solvents into the tank so that dirt is dissolved and removed by flooding. Persistent dirt can be removed manually with the flowthrough brush. The cleaning medium in the tank is constantly recirculated through a filter. Cleaning with sprayable cold cleaning agents containing hydrocarbons with a flash point > 60 °C Manual cleaning station Continuous filtration of cleaning medium Immersion tank suitable for wide range of workpieces Available as 1bath unit with loading of the unit via Manual loading

Cleaning machines, industrial
  • Manual Cleaning
  • Cleaning Workpieces
  • Immersion Tank

Product features

Application Repair and manufactured parts; cutting/non-cutting machining
Suitable for Single parts, parts on carriers/racks
Loading formats 500 x 400 x 200 mm
Weight 50 kg

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