Robust and user-friendly washing machine for cleaning small containers, buckets and cans through spraying with solvent Effective inside cleaning of containers with rotating spray heads Spray pipes for outside cleaning of the containers and for the lid Separate spraying system for rinsing with clean solvent Loading from the top, special supports and fixtures hold the container and lid in place, no uncontrolled movement of the washed parts due to the pressure of the spray jets The washing chamber is closed tightly by the lid; a position sensor ensures that spraying does not begin until the lid is closed Closed solvent tank under the washing chamber (no solvent vapors when the washing machine is open), level switch for filling and draining Powerful centrifugal pump for washing with circulated solvent, separate centrifugal pump for rinsing, pneumatic diaphragm pump for draining External filter with removable basket for protecting the spraying system Strainer in the washing machine for protection of pumps and connected pipes Internal air extraction system with powerful suction fan Automatic washing program: washing – draining – rinsing – internal air extraction; program steps can be selected individually Explosion protection according to ATEX, category 1 (with type examination) for zone 0 inside, category 2 for zone 1 outside External strainer (better accessible than the strainer in the machine) Automatic lid lock, prevents the lid being opened before the end of the washing program Pneumatic machine lid, more convenient than the manual lid Solvent cooler, required for limiting the temperature and solvent emissions, various accessories adapted to the on-site cooling water supply system External air extraction system, supplements/replaces the air extraction in the room/at the workplace Solvent concentration measuring and regulating system for connection to an exhaust air cleaning system

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