Robust and user-friendly washing machine for inside and outside cleaning of barrels and small cylindrical containers with brushes and simultaneous spraying with solvent, conductive brushes with type examination according to ATEX → no nitrogen inerting required Very good inside and outside cleaning with rotating roller brushes Two separate spraying systems for washing with circulated solvent and rinsing with clean solvent Tight closing, manual washing chamber door with counterweight Position sensor for the door, spraying does not begin until the washing chamber is closed Cylindrical washing chamber, tilted backward, very good draining of the solvent, no corners where residues can accumulate, hence low solvent emissions Closed solvent tank under the washing chamber (no solvent vapors when the washing machine is open), level switch for filling and draining Dirt resistant pneumatic double diaphragm pump as washing and evacuation pump, separate pump for rinsing Strainer for protection...

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