Strong and simple to use washing machine for inside and (optional) outside cleaning of open vessels with brushes, while at the same time spraying with solvent. Electrically conductive, type – examined brushes according to ATEX, nitrogen inerting is not required Thorough cleaning of vessels inside / outside (optional), even with large vessel diameters by roller brushes and concurrent spraying of cleaning agent Positioning of vessel during wash cycle diagonally downward, so detached contaminants can be rinsed out regardless of size and quality of vessel bottom Tight closing hydraulic door, also used as loading platform (designed as rotating table) in front of machine, driven by external explosion-proof motor. Containercentering by interlocking guide rails at container and door, a locking sleeve and two stripes have to be welded at the bottom of the containers to be cleaned) A sensor checks if the container is locked correctly and then enables door movement Automatic position...

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