Robust and user-friendly washing machine for inside cleaning of rectangular containers with brushes and simultaneous spraying with solvent Very good inside cleaning even of hard-to-reach surfaces in the container, e.g. corners, top and bottom surfaces, by means of a brush that rotates around 2 axes and whose angle can be adjusted hydraulically Brush hood for low-emission washing of the container Separate spraying systems for washing with circulated solvent and rinsing with clean solvent Position sensor for the brush hood, spraying does not begin until the hood rests on the container Edge filter for protecting the brush head Closed chamber with electrical roller shutter Internal air extraction system for the chamber with powerful suction fan Centrifugal pump for washing with circulated solvent, separate centrifugal pump for rinsing, pneumatic diaphragm pump for draining External filter with removable basket for protecting the solvent tank and the evacuation pump Flow monitor; the brush rotation does not start until solvent has been sprayed on the containers to prevent dry friction Explosion-proof hydraulic unit Automatic washing program: washing – draining – rinsing – internal air extraction; program steps can be selected individually Explosion protection according to ATEX, category 3 for zone 2 inside, category 2 for zone 1 outside. Zone 2 on the inside is achieved through nitrogen inerting. Container cleaning device (lid and removable base plate for cleaning of mixing containers) Outlet cleaning system with ergonomic handling Floor plate for the operator‘s area Brush hood for low-emission container washing Internal air extraction system for the container, optionally with warm air drying for nonvolatile solvents External air extraction system, supplements/replaces the air extraction in the room/at the workplace Washing solvent in separate container, level switch for filling and draining Solvent concentration measuring and regulating system for connection to an exhaust air cleaning system Inerting with residual oxygen measurement, low nitrogen consumption due to exact metering Nitrogen generator, nitrogen is generated from compressed air for inerting

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