Compact, robust and user-friendly washing machine for inside cleaning of metal containers by brushes and simultaneous spraying with solvent. Conductive brushes with type examination according to ATEX m no nitrogen inerting required. Very good inside cleaning of cylindrical containers with a centrifugal folding brush. Spraying system for washing with circulated solvent and rinsing with clean solvent. The brush is lowered into the container, and the container opening closed, by a lid fastened to an outrigger that is guided along the machine pillar. The outrigger is lifted and lowered by a pneumatic cylinder. An automatic position control ensures that solvent can only be sprayed in the container if the lid is closed. Dirt-resistant diaphragm pump, used as washing and rinsing pump, separate recirculation pump. Flow monitor; the brush does not start rotating until the solvent has been injected. Automatic washing program: washing – draining – rinsing – ventilating and brush...

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