Robust and user-friendly washing machine for inside and outside cleaning of containers with an open top through spraying with solvent Very good inside cleaning, even with large container diameters, by means of a rotating spray pipe with pointed spray nozzles that moves up and down along the longitudinal container axis Effective outside cleaning due to spray pipes rotating around the containers Separate spraying system for rinsing with clean solvent Tight closing, hydraulic washing chamber door; used as loading platform in front of the washing chamber Position sensor for the door, spraying does not begin until the washing chamber is closed Cylindrical washing chamber, tilted backward, very good draining of the solvent, no corners where residues can accumulate, hence low solvent emissions Closed solvent tank under the washing chamber (no solvent vapors when the washing machine is open), level switch for filling and draining Very powerful centrifugal pump for washing with circulated...

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