Waste Paper Shredder EGM series granulator is a grinding machine especially designed for crushing soft,semi-rigid or rigid films such as PE,PP,PET,PVC and highly sensitive materials such as waste paper,boxes,bags,packing tapes,this specific design improved the efficiency and quality of the material crushing. EGM Waste Paper Shredder Official Photo Raw Material And End Products EGM Waste Paper Shredder Features 1) No axis rotation with a large cutting space and low heat dissipation. 2) Suitable for crushing and recycling waste paper, PE.PP and other plastic film materials. 3) The tool is made of quality materials which makes it fast in speed with a long lifetime. 4) Large flywheels to increase the torque and capacity as a result. 5) Unique design of scissors-type cutter frame improves efficiency. 6) Motor designed with overload protection,which automatically shut down when it enters protection mode. 7) Interlock safety device designed to protect the machine operator.

Industrial waste management
  • Waste Paper Shredder
  • industrial plastic waste recycling
  • Paper and cardboard recycling

Product features

maximum gross weight 3 tons
motor power 22 kw
capacity 1 tons per hour
production name Waste Paper Shredder | Waste Paper Crusher

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Waste Paper Shredder | Waste Paper Crusher video