Exploit the potential of waste tyres! With our waste tyre recycling plants, we enable you to separate your tyres almost 100% into their main components textile, rubber granulates and steel. For more than 20 years AMANDUS KAHL has been active in the conditioning of waste tyres and supplies plants all over the world - from intake to packaging. Waste tyres offer a particularly high recycling potential. In material recycling, the waste tyres are crushed and granulated. The central part of the waste tyre granulation unit is our flat die press. However, its task in this field is not the compaction of various bulk products. Instead, our flat die press is used as a crushing machine for the recycling of waste tyres and works according to the pan grinder principle. For this reason, it is also called pan grinder mill. The pelleting elements such as pan grinder rollers and die exert a combined shearing and cutting impact on the product to be processed. The result is the desired separation...

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