Waste Wire Granulator Machine Wire Diameter Max 20mm Output from 150-800kgs/h Enerpat started producing scrap cable recycling line from 2000 years on.The first scrap cable recycling line we sold to Melbourne customer who recycling scrap cable more than 20 years,he used italy scrap cable recycling machines,but find many problems.he turned to enerpat for our ERL-400. for its processing capacity and good price. our WG-400 can process diameter 20mm copper cable from big size and small size. the recycling purity ups to 100% for copper and plastic Official Photos WG-400 Copper cable recycling line including major machines as below: (1) Shredder ( Granulator) (2) Conveyors (3) Copper separate system (4) Plastic separate system (5) Dust collecting system (6) Magnetic Separate System The throughput from ERL-C400 ups to 400kgs for per hour,Enerpat can produce the machine makes 2 tons per hour Below image shows our cable recycling line installed in Customer's warehouse

Industrial waste management
  • Waste Wire Granulator Machine
  • wire recycling plant
  • cable crusher

Product features

maximum gross weight 3 tons
motor power 22 kw
Capacity 1 tons per hour

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Waste Wire Granulator Machine | Wire Granulator work video

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