The entire bin system which has a capacity of 1,3m3, comprises of the following parts: 1) THE MAIN BODY The main body, which is manufactured from POLYESTER (FIBERGLASS), is particularly reinforced at high stress points, with a shiny surface allowing easy cleaning. 2) THE BOTTOM The bottom of the bin features metal ribs which offer exceptional resistance to any involuntary impact. It is opened by means of a heavy-duty hinge system, while at its lowest point there is a threaded hole for the discharge of liquids after cleaning. 3) THE LIDS Depending on the kind of recyclable materials it is intended for, each bin features two lids with openings of suitable dimensions and shape. 4) LIFTING SYSTEM The lifting system comprises of a double hook system which allows the bottom to move and open.

Dustbins, waste bins
  • waste bins
  • refuse containers
  • Semi-underground waste bins

Product features

Semi-underground waste bins Over-underground waste bins
Capacity of 1.3m3 and 1.5m3 Certified with European standard EN13071
CE marking under the EU Directive 2006/42/EC manufactured from POLYESTER (FIBERGLASS
The bin features metal ribs Recyclable materials

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Waste bins Overground & Underground


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