Water Soluble Bags

water soluble bags for garments, laundry, hospitality
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MMAYR TRADING offers multi-functional water-soluble polymers that enable economic recycling and meet the goals of the Circular Economy. All of our products are designed to facilitate the elimination of plastic pollution at source by recycling, enhanced recovery and biodegradation. All products are made of Hydropol™. What is Hydropol™? Hydropol™ is an innovative, water soluble, biodegradable polymer that can create a range of packaging products, designed to eliminate plastic pollution at source. Hydropol™ has several useful material properties – it is hot or warm water soluble, stable and storable, high-strength, heat sealable, electrostatic-resistant and is naturally resistant to UV light. Owing to its high hydrolysis level, Hydropol™ reacts to water at controlled temperatures and has a much wider range of potential applications than cold water-soluble flakes.

  • Fabrics, packaging
  • water soluble
  • biodegradable packaging
  • compostable

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