Water-Based Coatings


ADLER water-based varnishes and paints may be referred to as milestones in this respect. It is taken for granted by ADLER today that all types of paints have excellent resistance to creams and grease. Even transparency and good grain accentuation come very close in appearance to that provided by customary solvent-based coatings. However, in doing so, it should not be overlooked that the modern water-based coating systems are superior to the solvent-based ones in several aspects, e.g. filling power, recycling capability and elasticity. Nonetheless, the most important is that ADLER water-based paints protect your furniture in an eco-friendly manner, and yet, reliably. In this way, we make considerable contribution to the maintenance of our living environment.

  • Coatings for Furniture
  • Varnishes for Furniture

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