The new technology steam car wash machine produce high pressure steam at the built-in heating pipeline without storage. Steam wash is a flexible cleaning. The principle of steam thermal degradation is used to combine, soften, expand and separate the dirt adhered to the automobile surface with soft steam, and remove the remaining water stains on the surface of the car with a clean cloth. Our new technology steam car wash machine could be used in door to door washing business. And it is not only could wash the car surface,but also could wash the car interior,the engine,air condition pipeline,and it wash more cleanly and water saving. Why do we use steam car wash machine? When the car is running, the dust in the air will rub against the car itself, and static electricity will be generated after friction. Traditional high pressure washing machine can only wash the sediment on the surface of automobile. It can't get rid of the static dust of the car body.

Carwash systems
  • steam car wash machine
  • steam car washing machine
  • steam car washer

Product features

Model SCW3008
Brand Okay Energy
Voltage 220V+/-5%
Power 8KW
Steam Temperature 40-85 celsius degree
Water Consumption <0.8L/M
Steam Pressure(Mpa) <0.7
Net Weight 24kgs
Dimension 400*420*650mm
Warranty 1 year
Cleaning Type dry and wet steam car washing

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SCW3008 electric steam car wash machine operation video
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