Wave Soldering


TITANIUM The new generation of wave soldering systems – lead free soldering without corrosion. TITANIUM is the innovative soldering solution developed by STRECKFUSS SYSTEMS. It uses titanium, an agent which is extremely lead free solder resistant. For this reason, titanium works perfectly in lead free soldering processes. An oxide film immediately covers all material damages and thus prevents corrosion. In contrast to wave soldering systems with stainless steel components, titanium is not subject to corrosion even when lead free solder is used. By means of a simple and safe solder bath exchange, TITANIUM makes it possible to switch flexibly from a standard soldering process to lead free production. This ensures maximum flexibility at minimum costs and easy handling. TITANIUM is a complete system and includes: Spray fluxer with extraction hood Double wave 3- D wave (for the prevention of solder bridges) Infrared preheating Microprocessor controls Soldering frame transportation system

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