, the controller with internet access Name: guest, Password: 2001 WebMasterONE unites the main requirements to a modern water management, namely measuring, recording remote monitoring and of course regulating in one single device. The system records the data and distributes them intelligently about different media such as inter- and intranet, mobile phone or fax. It supports all global communication standards: USB interface for the local computer (standard), Ethernet for local area network communication (standard), internal analogue modem or internal cellular modem (CDMA, GPRS, GSM) compatible with most providers of mobile telecom services. In case of breakdown or violations of limiting values the system automatically sends out messages by phone, fax or email. All readings are recorded round-the-clock and can be requested to be sent via e-mail either manually or automatically in adjustable cycles. The administrative department has permanently insight into current readings, tot

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